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Do Not Call Scrub Lite Software – About Us

Do Not Call Scrub Lite was founded in June of 2008 by Do Not Call Compliance as a resource for those who need to access web-based do not call scrub software, but who do not need all the features of do not call compliance software for larger companies. Our sister company, Do Not Call Compliance, offers do not call list scrubbing for large volume call centers who need to scrub thousands and sometimes tens of millions of phone numbers through various databases with complex do not call scrubbing tools several times each month. We found that smaller companies with less complex calling lists do not always need all the details offered by Do Not Call Compliance’s do not call compliance software, especially because some legally-mandated do not call compliance rules do not apply to smaller “mom and pop” companies.

Some smaller, privately owned companies still need to make phone calls to promote their business, inform customers of new services or special offers, or gather new clients. However, these small companies usually only need to call phone numbers limited to a certain area, such as the county in which they operate. Using Do Not Call Compliance’s services involves more detailed registration, additional start-up processes, and monthly maintenance that mean both more time and money for you, all of which may be unnecessary if your company is small. As such, the more complex process of scrubbing your call lists through Do Not Call Compliance’s software may not be necessary. Instead, Scrub Lite can scrub your call lists quickly and easily at a low price you can afford.

Scrub Lite offers accurate and precise do not call list scrubbing at low prices that small companies, independent contractors, and sole proprietors appreciate. Scrub Lite is tailor-made for realtors, insurance agents, financial advisors, mortgage brokers and anyone else who needs quick and simple do not call list scrubbing at a low do not call list scrubbing price. If you have calling lists that need to be do not call compliant, but you do not need all the features of do not call list scrubbing software made for large, complex corporations, Scrub Lite can offer you the fastest and simplest do not call list scrubbing on the web.

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The National Do Not Call Registry is a list of phone numbers from consumers who have indicated their preference to limit the telemarketing calls they receive.

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